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edrone is an AI-fueled SaaS platform providing Instant ROI and Customer Experience solutions for eCommerce. Over 1000 Brands use our technology in 25 countries around the globe.

Marcin Lewek

Designer, digital marketer, and UX/copywriter specialized in combo marketing, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing itself. Science, and holistic approach enthusiast, after-hours musician.

Michał Blak

CEO & Co-Founder of edrone eCRM & edrone AVA. Entrepreneur thriving in high growth environments, eager to take on new challenges.

Paulina Wiesiołek

Graduate of management and marketing and finance at the University of Warsaw. Focused on journalism, media, and public relations.

Andre Floriano

Brazilian living in Poland. Lived for 10 years in the U.S. With experience in International Business and Management. Currently, edrone's Head of Education. Has four children.

Maciej Serafin

CMO & CSO at edrone. VP of eCommerce at PHU A/B/C

Jakub Papuga

Man with two faces. PPC Specialist & Business Analyst. Huge experience in Social Media Marketing and Google Ads. Fascinated by TechMarketing and Neuromarketing enthusiast.

Maciej Mozolewski

Postgraduate studies in Statistical Methods in Business at the University of Warsaw. Since then, he’s been dealing with the issues of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Gosia Mucha

Support Specialist at edrone. Daily helps to implement edrone scenarios and make companies successful. Graduate of international relations and postgraduate studies in e-marketing.

Maciej Mendrela

Senior Software Engineer at edrone. Over five years of experience. Co-creator edrone CRM being responsible for architecture design and implementation.