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  • Automate, customize, and sell more

    Thanks to marketing automation we can save time, we can personalize the content sent to the customers, and we have the ability to perform activities such as product recommendations, which would not be possible without the help of technology. As a result, we can increase store sales and earn more money. Why should you automate marketing in an online store? Marketing automation really pays off. Marketing automation systems offer a number of tools that allow you to effectively engage the users, to bind them to a given brand and, consequently, to increase sales in e-stores. […]

  • Can a smartphone be used to land on the moon? – a short history of artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is not fiction. It is already our reality and has been for a very long time. Its origins date back to the 1950s. How has it changed since then? Are computers able to teach themselves? What does a smartphone have to do with the landing on the moon, and could machines be smarter than humans? How has the technology changed over the last decades? I remember how even recently while watching science fiction movies I looked in disbelief at the technologies presented in such films. It seemed improbable that our lives could look […]

  • Pop-up not so black, or how to use it without putting off your customers

    If pop-ups have so far been associated with intrusive advertising, it’s time to change that way of thought, because they can be a very useful tool. Learn how to use popups to expand your newsletter database, as well as what Google thinks about them and how they affect eCRM. Probably most of us know what pop-ups are. We see them on the Internet every day. The history of pop-ups dates back to the end of the twentieth century. It is then that they appeared for the first time, during the Internet boom. At first, they […]

  • A client has abandoned a shopping cart in your online store? Find out how to recover it

    Shopping carts are abandoned in all online stores. It’s a problem that we cannot completely prevent and which is influenced by a number of factors. You can, however, minimize this phenomenon through an appropriate UX of your store, and with the help of systems such as marketing automation and eCRM you can recover up to 30% of abandoned shopping carts. The phenomenon of customers abandoning their shopping carts is very common and we are not able to completely prevent it. Systems such as eCRM and marketing automation provide us with scenarios that are able to […]

  • 10 Most Useful Marketing Automation Features – How Can You Benefit From It?

    How do eCRM systems collect customer information and why is it so important for effective marketing? How can you use information about your clients’ social media activity? Find out the answers to these and other questions and find out how you can benefit from marketing automation. Marketing automation systems compensate for the lack of personal contact with e-store customers. Thanks to them, we save time because they carry out marketing activities for us. They provide a range of functionalities that will allow you to take care of customer relationships at every stage of the purchase […]

  • edrone set off to conquer Europe and beyond; how are they doing?

    Over the last 2 months, edrone have visited 4 cities in Europe, all thanks to their expansion of the global company. Why did we decide to participate in foreign fairs? How much does it cost and is it profitable? And finally the most important question, is it worth it? Why do we go to fairs? We have found a way to conquer foreign markets! Our goal is to move from Krakow and speak to clients in all major countries in the world. Participation in foreign fairs allows meeting people with whom we can scale our […]

  • 5 benefits, that a wishlist brings to online stores

    These days, a great majority of Internet users checks reviews of individual shops before buying from them. Internet users compare different offers to find the most attractive ones. Getting a customer to visit our website is not enough to convince them to conclude a transaction. We need to look after our customers at all stages of the purchase process, also after the sale. This article will tell you what a wishlist is and what role it plays in the sale process. The e-commerce sector is growing dynamically, as more and more online stores are being […]

  • 7 useful tips on how to get started with marketing automation

    Thanks to the computer relieving us of some tasks, marketing automation is not only a time-saving measure., but it also allows performing tasks which would not be possible without technology, including sending personalized product recommendations. What should you remember about before getting started? Marketing automation system won’t do everything for you. As a marketer, you will still have to plan client communications strategy. However, thanks to marketing automation the delivery of your messages will become far easier, as the system will send them automatically, at a time prearranged by you. This article will show you […]

  • Teach a machine to be a marketer

    Is it possible to create customized recommendations for e-store customers without personal contact? Yes, it is, thanks to artificial intelligence. Find out what machine learning is and how you can use it in your e-business. See that the latest technologies are at your fingertips. When shopping online, customers consult other users and compare the offers of different stores, and their communication requirements are very high. Retaining a customer takes more than mass communication in the form of traditional newsletters; we should communicate with each recipient personally. Knowing the user’s profile and behavior well, we are […]

  • Customer Intelligence – how well do you know your clients?

    Ignoring the knowledge of users visiting your e-store, you lose 90% of your revenue. Find out how to get to know your customers and use this knowledge to drive effective marketing and sales. Knowing the target audience is the basis for effective marketing. If you have an online store, you need to have knowledge about your customers: what they like, what products they are interested in and what type of wallet they have. All this to offer them the right products at the right price range. In an online store, you do not have personal […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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