Katarzyna Gądek

Graduated in Sociology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Since then she is professionally involved in marketing - writing articles and providing content on social media channels mostly. Copywriter in edrone. Passionate about biketouring, trailrunning, and Kinder Bueno White.

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  • From a lead to a loyal customer. A tale in three acts.

    For lack a better word, the term “lead” is usually translated into Polish as a potential customer. Well, it’s not exactly the right term, because there are usually more potential customers than leads. What is a lead then, and what to do to make them become a customer? Act 1. Lead on the horizon A lead appears when interest in the product occurs. Let’s take a moment to go back offline and into traditional commerce. Picture a passerby who simply passes a storefront and does not even look at the shopwindow. And then another passerby […]

  • edrone at GDPR conference

    Well prepared for Black Friday, together with the office of Pilch Piotrowski & Partnerzy, on Thursday, November 23, we visited the conference entitled “GDPR in marketing” in order to prepare the e-commerce industry for developing regulations. Att. Marcin Pilch performed as one of the speakers and shared his knowledge on how edrone adapts the marketing automation system to laws. We will share with you the experience gained during discussions with other lawyers and industry practitioners. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is not a single act, but a group of regulations on issues related to processing […]

  • London calling. ☰edrone at the e-commerce EXPO

    Ten minutes for a meeting – that was the iron rule which we had agreed on a few days before the beginning of the trade fair. We knew that there would be a lot of visitors, including those interested in ☰edrone and its capabilities. However, we did not think that the number of visitors to our stand would exceed our expectations. It was better than simply fine. Let the proof of that be the fact that we did not even have the time to eat our meals. Give up the lunch? Or at least the […]

  • Omnichannel, the new direction in e-commerce

    Shopping is a pleasure, but it is also a sad obligation. For those tired of rummaging in the store shelves, but also those who are going wild while shopping – omnichannel in trade will be good news; this means combining multiple shopping paths into one and freely switching between them. The main assumption of omnichannel involves interweaving the sales channels. The name is not accidental – in Latin omni means “everything”. And customers want this “everything”. And they are greedy in this desire. They want the goods that they choose to always be available, in […]

  • Send SMS to customer!

    Possibility of bulk SMSs is a very applicable and useful marketing channel which helps to be successful in today’s, yet mobile world. This should not be surprising – open rate in the case of SMS messages stays at the level of 98% and this within three minutes after the transmission! Isn’t it impressing? As we all know, smartphones rule the mobile market today, and adjusting to it is nowadays in fact the necessity of virtually any company. There is no mercy here. No other tool provides such excellent effects as the transmission of SMS making […]

  • Exit Pop-ups – the difficult art of retaining customers

    If you were to ask randomly encountered people what is a pop up, the most common response (of course other than “Pop up? Never heard of it”) would be: “It’s an annoying popping up window”. Exactly. You would think that exit pop ups are just like intrusive flies circling around our head – i.e. that they irritate everyone. But is that really the case? Does every user have to feel irritation at the very sight of a popping up notification box? We will try to convince you, that a well-designed pop up provides great benefits. […]

  • Loyalty programs for e-commerce

    What is the most effective way to retain clients of an online store? To create such a loyalty program that will engage them and encourage to make further (and preferably regular) purchases. In this article we will explain what is the role of an effective loyalty program and why should you think about one now. Why is it worth to have a loyalty program in e-commerce? A loyalty program is a way to build a stable relationship with the clients, to support the sales processes, and also an effective marketing tool to promote your products. […]

  • Three steps towards a smooth CRM implementation for e-commerce

    CRM is growing as an industry, and with this rapid growth, software is being adapted to fit the demands of companies who have more specific requirements when it comes to managing customer data. A good example is in the ecommerce market – an ecommerce CRM allows users to access information about their customer’s shopping habits, as well as offering added functionality like marketing automation. As with any CRM, there’s an implementation phase and in order to make the process of implementing your ecommerce CRM as smooth as possible, you should consider the following steps: Migrate […]

  • What is deep learning and how you can use it?

    In 2014, Google paid over $400 million for Deep Mind Technologies, a London-based startup focused on the deep learning research. The company was working on creating a face recognition technology based on videos sent, and – similarly – text recognition from audio files. What is it in the deep learning that a tech giant buys startups for so much money? The deep learning is one of the fastest growing branches of artificial intelligence. It involves creating neural networks, i.e. such information systems, whose design and function resembles the work of the human brain. Neural networks […]

  • The Internet of Things – the future of e-commerce

    The Internet of Things (abbr. IoT) includes in a broad sense all devices which are monitored and controlled by the Internet. In contrary to what the name Internet of the Things suggests, it is not the Internet of things, yet of data. Sounds mysterious? What is the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things includes devices connected to the global network which are controlled and monitored remotely. The crucial aspect of the Internet of Things is the type of data generated by specific devices – not the devices themselves. Therefore, the potential which lies in […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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