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  • Where on-site marketing starts?

      I would like to confess something. The following text was meant to be a click-bait-guide with protips for banners usage. However, while researching for it, I quickly faced the question: what on-site marketing really is? We all know it… do we? Where it exactly begins?  Some sources say that on-site marketing is every action, you’re making to raise the chance for conversion. Speaking that, we should also include the whole of UX obviously, along with UI, as it is the part of UX practices. Well, it looks like on-site marketing is… webpage itself? With […]

  • Jean Louis David — edrone Case Study

    Exclusive and renowned Brand. More than 70 salons in Poland, hundreds of thousands of clients registered in CRM, more than six hundred hairdressers. Operational booking system ready for scheduling all clients… but there is the catch. All of the saloons are closed because of COVID-19. What we gonna do now?  Jean Louis David, the Brand we are talking about, is a worldwide franchise of hairdressing saloons, regarding the number of POS’s, number two in the world, and first in Europe. Sadly — along with other similar facilities — all salons were closed since the end […]

  • The state of eCommerce

    The challenges we’re facing should not, at any point, shadow the light of hope and calmness. At edrone, we strongly believe that the existence and the work of eCommerces throughout the world are proving to be a safe haven for our most valuable asset: health.  Shopping online goes beyond comfort; it is now more important than ever before in e-commerce history a way to guarantee that: the COVID-19 reduces it’s spreading speed; the people in every country have access to all the necessary resources they need at home. Therefore, in an honest effort to contribute […]

  • Black Friday 2019 – What actually has happened?

    Another Black Week is in the books, but the emotions are still flying high. Some of the stores have extended their promotions until the end of this week, nonetheless, we can already analyze the results of shopping event of this year. The presented stats are based on data coming from our customers. So what then? Was Black Friday 2019 another record, or not? As marketers, we are obliged to say: it depends! 😉 On what? Let’s set up some basics first: Every opened and active shop has a chance to notice significant income during this […]

  • Master your target audiences

    Every advertising ecosystem is different, and each of them has distinct possibilities for reaching their audience. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The role of a marketer is to choose the right channel, the one which will work best for a given “mission.” It’s indeed undeniable, right? Well, very often, marketers decide on several systems for entirely different reasons – they’re easy to use or, even worse, they’re popular. In the best case, they are driven by the popularity of the channel among the target group. In the worst case, by acknowledgment among […]

  • Ghost in the Marketing Machine

    One of the many views regarding the philosophy of the mind is called “psychophysical dualism.” It was especially present in the texts of Descartes and postulated the separation of the psychological aspect of humanity from its physicality. The British philosopher Gilbert Ryle described this position as a “Ghost in the Machine.” The machine is, of course, the body, while the spirit is the collective mind, soul, and intelligence of the individual, which makes us unique and efficient. Without the “spirit,” the machine is nothing more than a passive tool that only works when someone requires, it is […]

  • B2B or B2C? Why not both?

    Let’s welcome a new customer on board — Leifheit! This German brand is best known for their household products which they have been selling through distributors in a B2B model since 1959. After 60 years, they have started to sell their products directly to consumers through their online store, adding a new distribution channel to their well-established B2B model. Currently they employ over 1100 people and have customers in 80 countries. We’ve teamed up with e-point to help them in digital transformation process.  „When a company has been operating successfully in B2B model for so […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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