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  • Do you know what your champions think?

    The RFM methodology allows us to easily understand customers based on their purchasing behavior, although its biggest advantage is in the easiness of creating communications and campaigns for selected segments. When analyzing customers with the use of this method we take into consideration three values: Recency meaning the time since the last purchase, Frequency which is the frequency of purchases, and Monetary meaning how much has the customer spent at our online store to date. It allows us to assess the customers, as well as his or her needs and expectations in terms of the […]

  • edrone now available for enterprise customers!

    On the eve of its third anniversary, edrone launches a new service plan for its largest customers. The Enterprise plan is now available as an experience cloud and features both marketing automation and CRM functionalities. How much is edrone Enterprise going to cost?

 On the eve of its third anniversary, edrone launches a new service package. Under the name ‘Enterprise’ we will find an offer aimed at top eCommerce players. edrone Enterprise is a plan that includes all currently available functionalities of the company’s eCRM platform. The enterprise package is available as an experience cloud […]

  • Not so fast! Creative ways to keep your subscribers!

    You probably don’t need convincing how effective e-mail is as a channel of communication with a customers. Promotions, new products, cross and up-selling actions or promotion of internal content. Each of us sends such messages. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that we lose this laboriously acquired lead. We organize promotions and competitions, distribute discount codes or convert satisfied customers. Unfortunately, not everyone decides to stay longer. The moment you choose to unsubscribe from your mailing list is not necessarily the end of your relationship. Luckily, clicking the I do not want to receive the newsletter button […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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