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B2B or B2C? Why not both?

Marcin Lewek
Marcin Lewek

Let’s welcome a new customer on board — Leifheit!

This German brand is best known for their household products which they have been selling through distributors in a B2B model since 1959. After 60 years, they have started to sell their products directly to consumers through their online store, adding a new distribution channel to their well-established B2B model. Currently they employ over 1100 people and have customers in 80 countries. We’ve teamed up with e-point to help them in digital transformation process. 

When a company has been operating successfully in B2B model for so many years, introducing B2C e-commerce poses a major challenge. As Leifheit’s technological partner we are proud to be a part of this process. It is exciting to collaborate in it with edrone – we strongly believe that this cooperation will ensure further growth of Leifheit’s e-commerce.

– Radosław Opałko — Account Director at e-point

The rise and rise of Direct to Consumer brands

Before the internet, when selling products, all you could do was working with distributors to put your product on shelves in the major stores. They were in control of the pricing and buying experience and your brand wasn’t the only one displayed. Well, that wasn’t the only way; the first business trying to sell products directly to consumers was an Italian store — Aldus Manutis, in 1498. He printed a catalogue of the books he was trying to sell and mailed them to his customers. As you can see, the idea is not a new one, but eCommerce was a game changer for manufacturers. What are some of the most successful examples? Casper, Warby Parker or Dollar Shave Club. One of the main reasons is their ability to excel at customer relations, these brands are able to stay in touch with customers and have a closer relationship with them. On top of that, there is much more control of margins, product catalogue and stock.

Where is the beef?

„Leifheit has been on the market for 60 years, and we try to combine tradition with modernity. The goal at Leifheit has always been to create innovative solutions and make housework easier. We decided to invest in digitalization to make access to our products easier for customers and enable them to buy Leifheit goods in easy and convenient way.”

A new distribution channel means an increase in customer data and new marketing communication tools i.e emails, text messages, facebook ads, google ads, on-site marketing, etc. 

„Together with e-point we have created modern and accessible e-commerce — the next step is to communicate with our customers in the most effective way and presenting them with the most tailored offer. We believe that edrone is the best choice for us and that together we will meet the expectations of our customers.

– Katarzyna Bronowska — eCommerce & Marketing Manager at Leifheit

At Leifheit, disposal will be through over twenty different engagements, depending on primary objectives: upselling or saving abandoned carts, product recommendations or increasing newsletter database, remarketing?  or dynamic recommendations. Advanced segmentation methods such as RFM will help them to understand the behavior of new customers and which segments they are entering. All of that is going to reflect ever-changing shopping habits with customers expecting brands to deliver personalized communication on multiple channels at the same time.

We always want to work with brands that challenge and inspire us. Leifheit is an amazing example of a well-established business that stays on top of their game and is quick to adapt. Before moving forward, we had to ensure that any data we will be processing will comply with German regulations edrone had to develop additional features to meet legal requirements for German market.  We can’t wait to see what the future will bring us, and we are excited to be entering new markets!

– Michał Blak — CEO at edrone


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Marcin Lewek

Digital marketer and copywriter experienced and specialized in AI, design, and digital marketing itself. Science, and holistic approach enthusiast, after-hours musician, and sometimes actor.