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Customer Intelligence – how well do you know your clients?


Ignoring the knowledge of users visiting your e-store, you lose 90% of your revenue. Find out how to get to know your customers and use this knowledge to drive effective marketing and sales.

Knowing the target audience is the basis for effective marketing. If you have an online store, you need to have knowledge about your customers: what they like, what products they are interested in and what type of wallet they have. All this to offer them the right products at the right price range. In an online store, you do not have personal contact with the customer, so you need to get to know them in a different way. This is what the eCRM and Marketing Automation systems have been developed for. This article will show you how they collect information about your customers and how to use this data to drive effective marketing.

Why collect data about customers?

We often find ourselves convinced that it is not sensible to send e-mails to people who have already visited our online store, because it is better to focus on attracting new customers. Of course, it is worth looking for new customers, but this is not the only good strategy. Statistically, for every one user who makes a purchase, there are ten other people who visit your store. Ignoring this knowledge will lose you as much as 90% of your potential income.

In addition, customers who have already bought something in your store and are satisfied with the purchase, will most likely want to return. For more info on behavioral scenarios and their enormous effectiveness, see this article.

Image 1: In edrone Mission Control panel, you can see how many users there are on your website at the moment and how many of them has been identified.


It is worth remembering that nowadays as many as 81% of customers browse different offers on the Internet before deciding to buy. The fact that a customer has reached your store does not mean that they will buy anything. However, eCRM systems give you the ability to get information about what the user is interested in, help guide them along the purchase path, and bring it to closure.

Recurring customers may account for up to 30% of all visitors to your online store. This means that you already know their email address. If you have an eCRM system that monitors and records the customer behavior history in your store, you also know what products your customers are browsing and buying.

If the customer whose email address is in your database returns to the store, the eCRM will identify them even if they are not logged in.

How does an eCRM system identifies the user?

When a user is in the store, the system collects data about what they are doing – what products they are looking at in the store. The eCRM system archives the behavioral path of each of these clients. This way, it creates the entire history of that particular user.

At this stage we are not yet able to use this data. However, such an opportunity will appear when a user establishes an online store account or gives their e-mail on any form, for example by subscribing to a newsletter. Then the history of their in-store behavior will be linked to the e-mail address. From this point on, you will be able to send them personalized messages, for example with offers created specifically for them. Whenever a user opens a message sent via the eCRM or clicks on a link in that message, the data about their activity in the online store is overwritten. This gives you information about the user, also collected when they were not logged in your site.

Image 2: With the moment get to know user’s email address, the whole history of his behavior is being linked with this address.


How to get to know your customers with edrone eCRM?

In the Customer Intelligence panel, available in the system, you can see how many users are currently on your site. As many as 30% of them are people whose email address you already know, and this is a huge potential.

Based on the information on individual customers, our system automatically assigns each of them a category:

  • Customer Lifetime Value – based on how much the customers had spent in your store, they will be divided into large, small and medium.
  • buyers and browsers
  • one-off and returning.
  • active, recently inactive, inactive for a long time.
  • newsletter subscribers, Unsubscribed and Unknown status, which allows sending transactional messages.
  • trendsetters, i.e. people popular in social media.
  • most frequent buyers.
  • potential customers.

Such customer segmentation allows you to tailor your marketing campaign accordingly. Thanks to the fact that the system collects all the information about the customer, we are in a position to determine their preferences in great detail. On this basis, we can recommend them products that are likely to interest them. This greatly increases effectiveness as it offers the opportunity to meet customer needs. Read more about this in our recommendation article.

The eCRM and Marketing Automation system, such as edrone, helps you compensate for the lack of physical contact with the customer. It is your indispensable ally in effective marketing. It allows achieving tangible benefits in the form of increased sales in your online store.

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