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edrone 2.0 launch

Michał Blak
Michał Blak

A short story on how we managed to develop the first CRM for eCommerce that rocks!

edrone is collecting and analyzing online store visitors and customers data. The plugin allows processing personal data in real time, in order to communicate with them through dynamic and personalized emails. So wake up an inactive loyalty program, VIP’s rewards, recover abandoned carts, keep everyone posted with dynamic images in our newsletter.

It was a long and inspiring time for us . Check out some numbers & facts that’ve pulled out:

46 selected candidates that we’ve meet in person and interviewed for edrone 2.0 project — not mentioning hundreds of CV’s we’ve recieved and reviewed

5 chosen geeks to meet edrone #dreamteam consisting not more or less but 4 visioners who just want to make a milestone in Ecommerce’s Customer Relationship Management

It took us 115 working days to launch edrone 2.0

In that time we’ve created 549 Yira items — tasks, bugs, incidents and new features. Not so bad for nearly 4 months

We’ve recorded 13 Bitbucket Repositories — impressive stuff from edrone dreamteam

We’ve pushed 2,633 CODE COMMITS what makes a little prowd 🙂

Wrote 6,737 lines of PHP

Entered 16,158 java code lines

Created 41 SQL Tables

We usually speak HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bash and SQL

Above that we’re fluent in 19 other launguages 🙂

In a few words: edrone is a CRM and Marketing Automation system created especially for eCommerce, automatically integrated with Magentoand flexible in terms of supporting other online store platforms.

When we were building our system we assumed that we’ll be collecting a lot of data, much more than we actually need at present for all the existing functionalities.

We want to and will (!) observe, analyze all the info related to our customers, so we can offer them new, interesting features, that they never dreamed of!
Even on day 0, each customer will be able to learn a lot about their online store consumer behaviour performed separately or in consumer groups and on top of that instore trends. We can also demonstrate how to engage them and show all the cool stuff.

edrone provides several customer restorement scenarios (Retention Marketing). From now on you can run “Restore customers”, set up a“Loyalty program” and design a “Dynamic Newsletter” with coupons, dynamic content and Drag’n’Drop editor.

But the real fun is about to begin! Ahead of us lies the most interesting challenge of all — facing a bigger number of customers. We are creating from scratch the entire “Onboarding Process”, automating customer service, organising telephone support for everybody — even test accounts, running webinars in Polish and English.
We also launched a new edrone website
Sounds good and interesting?

Sign up for a free test account

And join our Webinar each Wednesday at 12:00 CET:

We’ll be happy to hear from you and anwser all your question.

Ready steady launch!1-zLnHVIkN0vYUsKFiHe_K-w

Michał Blak

CEO & Co-Founder of edrone eCRM & edrone AVA. Entrepreneur thriving in high growth environments, eager to take on new challenges.