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Not so fast! Creative ways to keep your subscribers!

Maciej Serafin
Maciej Serafin

You probably don’t need convincing how effective e-mail is as a channel of communication with a customers. Promotions, new products, cross and up-selling actions or promotion of internal content. Each of us sends such messages. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that we lose this laboriously acquired lead. We organize promotions and competitions, distribute discount codes or convert satisfied customers. Unfortunately, not everyone decides to stay longer. The moment you choose to unsubscribe from your mailing list is not necessarily the end of your relationship. Luckily, clicking the I do not want to receive the newsletter button gives us the field to persuade the subscriber to stay with us. Using the fact that we have a short moment of attention on the newsletter excerpt page, we can show him some content there! In this entry I will show you a few ways to tell the customer how to do it not so fast!

Changing the preferences to receive messages

It is hard to predict the intention of the user who leaves you. Research shows that one of the main causes is the frequency of messages received is too high. Due to the research conducted by Chadwich Martin Bailey research company in 2012 until 69% of subscribers resign because of the above cause. Offering the customer the opportunity to decide what content they want to receive and how often we have a chance to maintain it.

A short survey

Poor offers, too many emails, products that are not relevant? We don’t have to guess! Looking at how we lose our subscribers we don’t have to guess what are the reasons for their decision. We can always ask them why they have taken this decision and used it to improve the quality of our newsletters – improving their quality for all subscribers.

Give a possibility of resubscribing!

We have one of the last opportunities to break through with our message, we can use it to remind the customer why he decided to join us in the first place! Short amusing copy, nice graphics or maybe a short joke? Our only limit is our creativity. And we must not forget about the clear call to action with the possibility of resubscribing.

Say goodbye with class!

An excerpt from the list does not immediately mean the permanent disintegration of your relationship. You may be an innocent victim of regularly cleaning a mailbox, or someone may just have accidentally signed up. We can end the relationship classily by creating graphics fit to your brand and products, or by recording video that will end it on positive note.

Convert the user to other communication channels.

Communication with customers is not limited only to newsletters and your e-commerce. Social media have proven their worth over the years and we can use them for effective communication. It is worth taking the opportunity to show the customer a place where they will be able to stay in touch with us.

To sum up!

Email is effective communication medium but unfortunatelly not all customers like it. Let’s use the moment when we caught attention of the customer on the newsletter unsubscribe page and let’s fight for its maintenance. When you design such page remember about:
1. Clear and short communication
2. Presentation of our offer distinguishing features
3. Provision of re-subscription facilities
4. Showing that we care about this customer

Email Unsubscribe Page

Using the edrone system you can set the page on which the customer *finish* after clicking on I resign from receiving newsletter button. You can easily set this up when you create any campaign you send. If you have any questions or doubts, our customer service will be happy to help you!

Maciej Serafin

CMO & CSO at edrone. VP of eCommerce at PHU A/B/C