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How to boost loyalty to your online store

Competitiveness in the eCommerce market makes it very tough to attract loyal customers. Huge amounts of choices, unlimited options and opportunities, and the desire to differentiate the shopping experience disperse customers between multiple shops.

Aleksandra Stankowska
Aleksandra Stankowska

It's difficult to attract one-time customers, let alone make them stay with a brand for the long term and become its best customers.

Loyalty is a customer's personal bond with a brand for better or worse and treating it as one of their first choices. However, it is not permanent, customers tend to switch brands if another one catches their eye and convinces them that it is more likely to meet their expectations.

Building loyalty is based on the advantages and benefits that the customer can count on from the company. He should know that he gets the greatest possible benefit from his relationship with the company. He counts on getting affordable offers, and his satisfaction with it can translate in the future into increased revenue for the shop, which drives its continued growth.

The road from the first visit to your shop to total customer loyalty is long and sometimes difficult to travel. You don't always manage to keep users and they often stop after just a single visit to your site. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can increase customer loyalty to your shop through the right messaging and automation, and encourage them to return. In this article, we will discuss this topic in detail.

Be loyal

Not only should your customer be loyal to you, don't forget that your loyalty will pay off too. Treat each customer uniquely, offer quality products, nurture your relationship, provide professional customer service, and ensure a positive customer experience during the buying process. Loyal customers can be won by ensuring that the brand meets their needs in the best possible way. Also very important is the company's emotional approach to the customer and the sharing or seeming sharing of views and lifestyles of consumers. This is mainly about the approach to ecology, charity work, but also such simple things as the delivery method or return policy.

Make yourself known

To increase the likelihood of customer loyalty you should make yourself known to them. You should not be anonymous. For this purpose, in a dedicated section you can tell a story about your brand, show a more human side. It would be good if you allowed customers to contact you directly - options with a form are often discouraging, right? The messages on your website and its entire design should be clear and intuitive so that they don't cause any confusion. Similarly, terms and conditions and product descriptions - everything should be presented in a simple way. Maybe you're able to show off your influencer partnerships? Great! This will definitely boost your credibility.

Engage your subscribers database

If you already have a subscriber database, start by engaging these users. This way is definitely cheaper than acquiring new customers. Additionally, they are likely to be familiar with your brand and have dealt with it once or more, which works in your favor. It is an investment in building a lasting relationship and a steady source of income, rather than a one-time customer.

Users become loyal customers for economic reasons, among others. If your shop offers a competitive price then most people are likely to be attracted by this. Even better if you offer them a discount on subsequent purchases or other satisfactory benefits after they have made a purchase. It's simple, if a customer is happy - they come back. In addition, they will recommend your shop to others, thus helping you to build your customer base.

The Refer-a-Friend Program and the Loyalty Program are some of the most effective ways to bring customers back. The former will allow you to expand your reach, attract new customers, but also engage current customers by offering referral discounts. You will increase awareness of your brand, as well as its recognition in the market.

The Loyalty Program, on the other hand, is about maintaining a relationship with your customer and motivating them to continue. You can do this by sending messages reminding them of the threshold they need to cross to get a reward. It is easier to encourage a user to buy if there is a reason to do so in the form of a reward. Making a purchase simply pays off and both parties are happy.

Customize recommendations

By communicating with customers through personalized messages, you can take the opportunity to recommend relevant products to them. You can create recommendations based on the customer's behaviour in your online shop, the actions they take or the categories they browse. With the information you gain, you can personalize your offer and make them feel special. We all like that sometimes, don't we? You put yourself in the role of an advisor, an expert who knows your products best. You will show that you understand your visitors' needs, that you care about meeting them. You will meet expectations thanks to what you have learned about the person. We also offer such a solution in edrone. Thanks to the Recommend scenario, your customer will receive a personalized product offer from you, he will feel that you really know him and want to take care of him!

Remind yourself

Not all customers will decide to make a purchase right away. Some will put products in their basket and abandon further steps. For this, you can remind users that they left something with you and encourage them to complete their order. Thanks to the Recover Abandoned Carts scenario, you will effectively bring back customers who have given up via SMS or email. Properly prepared and personalised content will allow you to encourage them to continue!

Maintain the relationship after the purchase

Once a customer has made a purchase, don't forget about them! Of course, your main goal is to increase sales, but in most cases this is impossible without building and nurturing your relationship. With the After Sale scenario, you'll be able to send your customers automated messages, thank them for choosing your shop and completing the transaction, and offer them a discount coupon on your latest products. You can also encourage them to leave a review or rating, which will perhaps encourage others to interact with you.

How about something else?

Once a customer has reached the end of his or her path and has paid, it doesn't have to mean the end of shopping. You can offer them complementary products that they will receive from you via email. Not only will you be able to sell an additional item, but you will also be able to build a long-term relationship by appealing to your customer's tastes. He will certainly appreciate it! One way to make additional sales is Cross-Selling, also available at edrone. Let's say you run a bike shop and a customer buys a helmet and gloves. Maybe he's going on a trip and needs a bottle holder or pump, in case he breaks down. Try asking him about it through a relevant email, in which you introduce him to the products he might be interested in. By doing so, you are able to increase the frequency of purchases and thus gain a loyal customer.

All of the above methods will certainly have a positive impact on building a relationship with your customers and on their loyalty. If a customer feels that you are able to meet their needs and that they can find everything they need from you, they will certainly become one of your loyal customers and will not consider your competitors' products. If he additionally feels that he is special to you, it will be even better. Every customer is different and has different needs, so you should treat everyone uniquely. Personalized messages are better received than a mass mailing to an entire contact base. It's all about connection, emotion and quality long-term relationships. Adapt the language of your messages to age, gender or other criteria, use segmentation. This will help you interest, attract and retain customers on your site. And all this together will allow you to achieve the success you want and ride the eCommerce wave!

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Aleksandra Stankowska

Copywriter and digital enthusiast who does not know difficult topics because of her versatile interests. Loves all about AI. Privately a fan of kraft beer and mountain hiking.